Group Communication

There are many ways your students can communicate with their group members. In addition to email, myCourses has several, built-in tools to facilitate communication in a transparent way. These tools allow you, the instructor, to interact with the grops and see how the students interact with one another.

Communication Tools

Group Discussion Board: A traditional discussion board that is only visible to group members and their instructor.
Group Wiki: A collaborative space that is visible to the entire class by default, but can only be edited by group members. Settings can be adjusted to allow only group members to view wiki content.
Group Blog or Journal: All users in a group can contribute to the group blog and/or Journal. When grading is enabled, keep in mind that all members of the group will receive the same grade.
Group Email: Instructors are not privy to email communication unless the student CCs the instructor. In this tool, email is initiated in myCourses, but received in at the recipient's email address in Zimbra.

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